TV, VIdeo & Branded content productions

Welcome to my page! I'm Ivo Franklin, a trusted freelance partner for professional supervision of TV, video, corporate films, and journalism.

With me, you can count on expert oversight tailored to your TV, video, corporate film, and journalism projects. As your dedicated professional, I carefully monitor every step of the implementation process to ensure the end result aligns perfectly with your expectations.

I serve as your single point of contact for managing all aspects of your video production. Whether it's planning shoots, coordinating editing, or handling post-production, I take care of it all for you. Choose my expertise and enjoy a seamless production experience. I turn your vision into reality.

A little class doesn't hurt!

and action...

I combine the roles of producer, executive producer, recording manager, director, and editor-in-chief, overseeing and ensuring the desired end result of your TV program, corporate film, branded content, and/or video production.


Pro in productions

(Executive) Producer


Recording Director


YOur professional for tv, video & branded content


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